A Critic Is Born

June 22, 2010
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Today was the last day of school for He Who Will Not Be Ignored. Included in the sheaf of art projects, returned tests, and other work sent home from his classroom was a stack of poems from his most recent unit of language arts. A note from his teacher explained that he really enjoyed the […]

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Happy Birthday, Miles

April 20, 2010
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Just before his fourth birthday, we took Miles to Disney World, the location of this, one of our favorite photos of him: In the intervening years, he became He Who Will Not Be Ignored, but I still get the drop on him from time to time: Today (April 19th) we took him to Disneyland for […]

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A Look Into the Future

April 1, 2010
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Miles has made his first attempt at predicting the future. The Venn diagram seen here is from his math homework, in which he was asked to compare this year with what might be possible in the year 2157. Why that year? I think he liked the number. According to Miles, in 2010: We have to […]

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An Unexpected Endorsement

January 21, 2010
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I found this in Miles’s homework folder today: My hero is: my very own dad. This person is my hero because: he’s neat even though he’s 50 years old. Two words that describe this person are: neat and cool. One thing that this person does that I admire is: he gives me cool stuff. One […]

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My New Prep Cook

June 29, 2009

When I asked Miles if he had any special projects in mind to work on over his summer vacation, he told me “I want to help you in the kitchen when you cook.” Yesterday we picked out a knife and cutting board that will be exclusively his. The board is an OXO with rubber edges […]

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Stealth Classics

June 10, 2009

Miles was playing Little Big Planet on the PS3, locked in mortal combat with the final boss in the game. I was about to leave him to his button-twitching when I realized I recognized the background music. I waited for Miles to stop, then asked him if he knew what the music was. “Yup, all […]

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Petits Machins

May 19, 2009

Miles’s homework folder had a letter in it that he wrote yesterday in his language arts class: Dear Dad, Bladderwort plants suck up bugs. Sundew plants dissolve bugs, and so do Venus Fly Traps. Cobra lilies have bug soup. And Pitcher plants swallow bugs. Carnivorous plants are cool! Love, Miles I’m not sure what prompted […]

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St. John (a slight return)

May 8, 2009

“Of course you and She Who Must Be Obeyed enjoyed the dinner at St. John, but what about He Who May not Be Ignored?” I hear you ask. “What did a ten-year-old boy think of such a sophisticated meal?” Fortunately, the stark dining room worked in our favor. Miles was relaxed and comfortable, and he […]

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What I Say

April 29, 2009

We’re back from our London vacation. I was reviewing some of the video footage we shot, and found this, taken by Diane at the British Museum: We were concerned that Miles would be either bored with or overwhelmed by the amount of information at the museum. As you can see, our fears were unfounded. Not […]

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Little Miles

April 20, 2009

Miles: Yesterday was your tenth birthday, but it was ten years ago this morning that I first sang this song to you. The recording and lyrics are by Lambert, Hendricks, and Ross; the tune is by pianist Randy Weston, written for his son Niles. I took the liberty of changing one letter. Little Miles, every […]

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