A Critic Is Born

Today was the last day of school for He Who Will Not Be Ignored. Included in the sheaf of art projects, returned tests, and other work sent home from his classroom was a stack of poems from his most recent unit of language arts. A note from his teacher explained that he really enjoyed the free-form style poetry allowed him, citing the following as her favorite example of his work:

The Noisy Reastaurant

Blah blah blah blah,


Annoying chatter everywhere!

I once went to this restaurant with annoying talking everywhere!

I could have yeled in my loudest voice

SHUT UP!!!!!!

The food was good, but the atmosphere was horrible!

When I went home, I tried to forget about dinner.

I realized it was his review of our dinner at pizzeria Posto.

I’m considering encouraging his foray into food criticism, but dreading the possibility of finding an evaluation of a meal I cooked on the refrigerator door. I don’t think any of the parenting books have a section on responding to a one-star review.

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  1. Melanie says:

    I love Miles’ poem!! Has he read it aloud to you? I think it would be all the better that way.

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