Market Restrictions

Too much work, not enough cooking, and a flat-out refusal from He Who Will Not Be Ignored to eat any more leafy greens for a while (and I did manage to get him to eat kale, chard, and spinach in the span of a single week) have all conspired to make today’s market trip a brief one. Still there were some things I couldn’t pass up: Napa cabbage, asparagus, sugar snap peas, cherry tomatoes, raspberries (first of the season), broccoli (the new challenge for He Who Will Not Be Ignored), chocolate banana bread, and a small blueberry pie that She Who Must Be Obeyed insisted I buy for Father’s Day. Shouldn’t that have been my choice? I know better than to argue.

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2 Responses to Market Restrictions

  1. Jimmy Wine says:

    You have closed comments on this post:

    But I wanted to let you know that Ruhlman has apparently had his fill of people paying $20 for his chart, and has promised repeatedly to post a PDF of the chart—which he never did. So, please post it again. It is located here:

    • David says:

      I can’t do that; I assured him I wouldn’t.

      Where did he post about “having his fill of people paying $20” for the chart? He told me he reprinted it because it was exposure for Donna’s photography.

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