Looking for a Certain Ratio

Imagine my surprise when I discovered this comment on my BLT post:

hi david,

now you’ve got me wanting a BLT! nice chicken post as well.

would you email me please. I need to ask you something.



“Michael” was Michael Ruhlman, who has been mentioned here more than a few times (seven, to be exact). How did he find me, and what did he want to discuss? I emailed him immediately, and received this reply:

my wife donna is now able to print photographs efficiently.  she also put a lot of work into the ratio chart and would like to sell it in a large nice format.  I’ve just put up a page about this on my blog http://blog.ruhlman.com/the-ratio-chart

When I was offering a pdf of the ratio chart, you put it in a blog post of your own.  I’m writing now to ask if you would be kind enough to remove the pdf of the ratio chart from that post.

would you mind? hope you understand!

thanks very much, and all best wishes on your blog and in your kitchen.

A perfectly reasonable request. I had linked to the PDF only after the initial print run of the Ratio chart had sold out. Now that it is available again, I have removed the link, replacing it with a link to Ruhlman’s post (updated here). If there was one thing I learned from Risky Business, it was “never fuck with a man’s livelihood.” (I also learned “keep the parking brake engaged on a Porsche,” “call girls will accept savings bonds as payment,” and “Princeton admits pimps,” but I have yet to find myself in any of those situations.) If you downloaded the PDF and found it useful, I encourage you to purchase a high-quality print direct from the creator.

Who knows what would have happened if I had refused to comply with his unfailingly polite takedown request? A midnight visit from Tony Bourdain or Michael Symon? It’s best not to think about it too much.

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