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Why Don’t We Do It In The Road?

While consulting a map of the London neighborhood near our hotel, I made an important discovery: we were a mere ten minute walk from one of the most famous landmarks in the history of pop music. So on Sunday morning, … Continue reading

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What I Say

We’re back from our London vacation. I was reviewing some of the video footage we shot, and found this, taken by Diane at the British Museum: We were concerned that Miles would be either bored with or overwhelmed by the … Continue reading

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Borough Market

Our friend Gretchen, who has lived in London for 13 years, took us along for her weekend shopping trip to Borough Market, literally under London Bridge. I feel quite lucky to live near the Union Square Farmer’s Market. It’s open … Continue reading

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I’m posting from London, where we’re on vacation during Miles’s spring school break. Yesterday we visited Harrods department store, where I automatically gravitated to the legendary Food Hall. At the charcuterie counter I had convinced myself to buy a bit … Continue reading

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Little Miles

Miles: Yesterday was your tenth birthday, but it was ten years ago this morning that I first sang this song to you. The recording and lyrics are by Lambert, Hendricks, and Ross; the tune is by pianist Randy Weston, written … Continue reading

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Behold the Awesome Power of Bacon!

Harold McGhee’s On Food and Cooking is the most exhaustive reference on the chemistry and physics involved in food preparation, but nothing beats a few flashy demonstrations. I still have a vivid memory of Mr. Wizard, the great American science … Continue reading

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“Pork Dinner for Four in Half an Hour”

In “How I Learned to Cook” I mentioned that one of the two cookbooks I owned was Julia Child’s The French Chef Cookbook. As I read through the book looking for recipes that I could prepare in a tiny kitchen … Continue reading

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Triumph of the BelmSled

Di and I donated tickets to the Boston Museum of Science to Miles’s fourth grade class. His teacher, Ms. Mullen, asked if we would would like to attend, knowing our mutual interests in science would help her in answering questions … Continue reading

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Introducing the Hackintosh Netbook

Last September Dell released the Inspiron Mini 9 netbook. Not long after, a few enterprising hackers figured out a way to install Mac OS X on the machine. I had been looking for a netbook to carry while traveling, so … Continue reading

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Easter Dinner for 25

My mother’s parents hosted dinners for our entire extended Italian family on Easter, Thanksgiving, and Xmas. When my grandmother died, her three children — my mom, her brother, and her sister — each took on the responsibility of hosting one … Continue reading

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