Why Don’t We Do It In The Road?

While consulting a map of the London neighborhood near our hotel, I made an important discovery: we were a mere ten minute walk from one of the most famous landmarks in the history of pop music. So on Sunday morning, before traveling into the city for the day’s activities, we made a slight detour to document my find:

Abbey Road

No further explanation should be necessary.

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7 Responses to Why Don’t We Do It In The Road?

  1. JO'N says:

    Er, weren’t they walking in the other direction?

    • David says:

      Yes they were. But they were The Beatles, and could stop traffic. I, on the other hand, would have been run over.

  2. Chris says:

    But you’re either walking the wrong way or Dianne was take the picture from the wrong side..

    • David says:

      Yes, I’m walking the wrong way! Do you have any idea how busy that street is, even on a Sunday morning? I was luck to get any shot at all.

  3. Sorcyress says:

    Oh sweet! We have one of those pictures, from when I went to London, too. The best part was breaking out the sharpies to sign the fence nearby.


  4. Gretchen says:

    Aha, you did it (wrong way or not)! I thought of you a few days ago, when I was on my way to visit a client over in that area of Camden.

    • David says:

      The worst part was the audience of punters, watching but not offering to help with the traffic problem.

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