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Preserving Summer

I am determined not to let any of my farmer’s market finds go to waste this summer. Anything that can’t be eaten while still fresh has to be converted into a form that will last, preferably something I can keep … Continue reading

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After three previous attempts at baking my own bread, I was beginning to think it was something I’d just never figure out. As recently as two weeks ago I tried again using leftover whey from my mozzarella making in the … Continue reading

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Cheesy Comestibles

My first attempt at cheese making was successful, but it was also the simplest of techniques. I decided to up the ante and make a hard cheese, cheddar, “the single most popular cheese in the world.” I still had three methods … Continue reading

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Eat Them Up Yum

When I saw these three salmon heads poking out of the ice at the fish counter at the Stop & Shop (with the radio on), I though of two things: Thing the first: I remembered this post from Ideas in … Continue reading

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Evening at the Improv

I don’t always have a week’s worth of meals planned out in advance. Sometimes I get so immersed in work that I forget I have to put a meal on the table at the end of the day. Recently I … Continue reading

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I Don’t Have to Show You Any Stinking Badges!*

Iwas a Boy Scout, but I never worked my way up the ranks to Eagle scout. That achievement required at least 21 merit badges, a few of which (swimming, lifesaving) were mandatory requirements completely beyond my physical capabilities. It should … Continue reading

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Duck Variations: Duck Sausage with Cranberries, Sage, and Port (Charcutepalooza Challenge 6)

As promised in a previous post, I made duck sausage to complete the June Charcutepalooza Challenge. My local gourmet provisioner makes an excellent duck sausage with cherries, which, along with mushroom risotto, was a favorite food of a certain two-year-old … Continue reading

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Market Caution

This summer’s market mantra is “buy only what you will use in a week.” This also implies a second rule: make sure to cook what you buy. I saw that in action this morning as I found myself following Tsei … Continue reading

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Fun with Wieners, or Charcutepalooza Challenge 6

I want to go on record as having decided to make hot dogs weeks before some idiot named Wiener thought he could lie about how Twitter worked. He should have “The Internet is Forever” tattooed backwards across his chest like … Continue reading

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Coffee and Donuts

Saturday evening’s dinner ended with this dessert, a bit of kitchen improv inspired by Thomas Keller’s famous “Coffee and Doughnuts” from the French Laundry. A Facebook friend had posted a comment about making glazed donut ice cream – an idea … Continue reading

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