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A Real Do-Ahead Dinner

Do-ahead dinner” brings to mind Sandra Lee’s “skills” with a microwave and a can opener, but a true do-ahhead diner can require at least a day of advance planning to execute. The idea is to get everything ready for a … Continue reading

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Market Opening

The Union Square Farmer’s Market opened for the season yesterday. I told myself that I would do two things differently this summer: arrive at opening time to avoid the crowds (and dogs, and baby strollers, and bike-toting hipsters), and buy … Continue reading

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Pyramid Scheme

Yesterday the USDA unveiled their new diagram for what constitutes a balanced, healthy diet. Seen above, it’s a plate, with the proportions clearly delineated and reflecting what we’ve come to accept as a healthy food intake: mostly vegetables and grains, … Continue reading

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Blessed Are the Cheesemakers

After reading this post about homemade cheddar cheese, I decided I should try my hand at home cheese making. There’s a one-stop shop here in Massachusetts that sells the most popular book on the subject as well as starter kits … Continue reading

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