Market Opening

The Union Square Farmer’s Market opened for the season yesterday. I told myself that I would do two things differently this summer: arrive at opening time to avoid the crowds (and dogs, and baby strollers, and bike-toting hipsters), and buy only what I was certain I’d use in a week (excluding specialty items).

With those rules in mind, and  the beginning-of-season scarcity in effect, I was able to exercise some restraint. I bought asparagus, Boston lettuce, hothouse cherry tomatoes, pork chops (can never have too many of those), and my usual slab of chocolate chip banana bread. I also couldn’t resist tobasi cheese from Cricket Creek Farm, chardonnay from Coastal vineyards, roasted cashews from Fastachi, and sweet onion/blueberry jam from Burnin’ Love Sauces – all the ingredients for an afternoon cheese snack.

The big surprise happened on my walk back home, which takes me past Journeyman Restaurant. The had a charcoal grill heating up and a sign advertising BBQ goodies that would be available for lunch. I returned a few hours later and bought one of everything: brisket sandwich, roasted half chicken (which they had brined before grilling), and smoked tongue sandwich on homemade pumpernickel with mustard and kimchi mayonnaise. They intend to serve lunch every market day, and will add more items to the menu as the season progresses. That will be one less meal I’l have to think about each weekend, definitely worth the extra trip.

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2 Responses to Market Opening

  1. Andrew says:

    As a bike-toter myself, I take offense at the term ‘hipster’.

    • David says:

      “Bike-toting hipster” and “hipster bike-toter” are two different things. The first describes a subclass of hipster, the second describes a subclass of bike toters. In either case, you can rest assured you are logically excluded.

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