Market Caution

This summer’s market mantra is “buy only what you will use in a week.” This also implies a second rule: make sure to cook what you buy. I saw that in action this morning as I found myself following Tsei Wei and Diana from Journeyman as they filled a huge basket with produce that they planned to incorporate into the upcoming week’s menu.

I bought a huge bunch of swiss chard, some garlic scapes, a bundle of cilantro, and a pint of strawberries. All of it, with the exception of the scapes, which will be portioned out and frozen, will be gone by Monday morning.

More baked goods: banana bread, triple berry pie (tomorrow night’s dessert, accompanied by the strawberries), bagels, and two ciabatta rolls which became lunch (filled with prosciutto and homemade mozzarella). Also a bag of mixed nuts, which aren’t quite bakes goods, but seemed to fit more logically with this batch.

My day was spent in the kitchen, the results of which will be the subject of Monday’s post.

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