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Can’t Talk, Eating (Slight Return)

It was our turn to host our annual quarterly dining club dinner. As late as two weeks before the scheduled day we still had no idea what to make, or what theme to use to unite the courses. While we … Continue reading

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20th Anniversary Dinner

She Who Must Be Obeyed and I have been married for twenty years. Or, as  prefer to explain it, She Who has allowed me to live for twenty years. Rather than travel to New York to mark the occasion (as we … Continue reading

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Staff Meal

Although I do the majority of the cooking at Chez Belm, I don’t do all of the cooking. Occasionally She Who Must Be Obeyed steps in and cooks something that she likes that isn’t something I usually think of when planning … Continue reading

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Fun with Wieners, or Charcutepalooza Challenge 6

I want to go on record as having decided to make hot dogs weeks before some idiot named Wiener thought he could lie about how Twitter worked. He should have “The Internet is Forever” tattooed backwards across his chest like … Continue reading

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An Angry Bir(d)thday

Left to his own devices, Who Will Not Be Ignored would play Angry Birds obsessively until he dropped from exhaustion. That doesn’t prevent him from thinking about the game when he’s not playing it, or calling our attention to this … Continue reading

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The View from the Hill

I‘ve previously written about the history of the hill on which I live; it was the location of a fort that was instrumental in preventing the British from advancing into Boston and Cambridge. You can read a brief history here, … Continue reading

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Bent Out of Shape

He Who Will Not Be Ignored came home yesterday with another reading comprehension homework assignment, the usual “read the story and answer questions” exercise that bores him to tears. Sometimes the story is just that – a short piece of … Continue reading

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Cookies Are Not Causation

He Who Will Not Be Ignored will not eat M&M cookies; he believes that they make him sick. It’s not a decision he arrived at arbitrarily, it is, in his mind, supported by hard evidence. Four years ago, while driving … Continue reading

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The Virtues of Restraint

Shortly after we moved into our house (which She Who Must Be Obeyed bought me for my birthday fifteen years ago), we were given a bonsai juniper as a housewarming present. Since I deal with all of the Chez Belm … Continue reading

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Today, while loading the remaster of David Bowie’s Station to Station (the three-CD box that includes the complete 1976 Nassau Coliseum concert), I noticed that “TVC15” was song number 80,000. The decrease in the intervals between 70, 75, and 80 … Continue reading

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