The View from the Hill

I‘ve previously written about the history of the hill on which I live; it was the location of a fort that was instrumental in preventing the British from advancing into Boston and Cambridge. You can read a brief history here, and view a period map here. This year the unseasonably warm weather drew us out of our house to witness the annual flag-raising ceremony.

I took advantage of the weather and the offer to climb to the top of the monument to take a full 360° panorama photo set of the surrounding area, which you can see here. It begins at the left pointing south toward my house, moves westward along the main axis of Somerville, north toward Charlestown, and finally east toward Boston. The existing skyscrapers obscure what would have been an unobstructed strategic view of the harbor.

I’ll avoid the “clear vista for the year to come” metaphor and instead wish you all a happy new year from the place where al the history comes from.

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2 Responses to The View from the Hill

  1. Bryan says:

    I recall hearing that Prospect Hill is shorter than it was in those days, some of the dirt and rock was taken away for landfill.

    You remember our little red house on Winter Hill? It was always alleged that timber from the fort there were used to build it. The only real evidence was that some of the beams had vestigial mortise cuts from a prior engagement.

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