Today, while loading the remaster of David Bowie’s Station to Station (the three-CD box that includes the complete 1976 Nassau Coliseum concert), I noticed that “TVC15” was song number 80,000. The decrease in the intervals between 70, 75, and 80 thousand is due to my adding a more than a few boxed sets (complete Mahler, Ninja Tune’s 20th anniversary compilation, Beatles in mono, etc.) and more of the Bach 2000 collection that I have been gradually re-tagging.

Sadly, the month I spent uploading 35 thousand songs to the lala music service was in vain. Apple purchased the company, and promptly shut them down. Rumor has it that it will be re-launched as an Apple branded subscription music service to compete with Spotify and Rhapsody. What are the chances they’ll reember the contents of my library?

The bigger question: Will I be able to devote eight hours a day for the next two years to listen to everything in the library once?

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