Chilling Market Effects

Cold and windy today, which was reflected in the diminished variety of produce available at the market. Every vendor was intent on selling me apples and squash, although a few were attempting to fob off the last of their tomato crops as better than the hothouse versions in supermarkets. The great tomato fast begins, not to be broken until next August; it’s a good thing I put up fresh tomatoes to tide us over.

Today’s trip was mostly about supplementing what I have already planned for the week: pain d’epi, coffee cake, baby yellow potatoes, Jonagold apples, string cheese with nigella seeds and black pepper, a red bell pepper, watermelon radishes, and a conjoined yellow bell pepper. Meet Chang and Eng:

I’m not about to start a collection of vegetable oddities and join the state fair circuit – that way lies madness and pumpkins the size of Volkswagens – but I couldn’t resist buying it. Now that it’s been photographically immortalized, it’s destined for soup, a noble fate.

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