Little Miles


Yesterday was your tenth birthday, but it was ten years ago this morning that I first sang this song to you. The recording and lyrics are by Lambert, Hendricks, and Ross; the tune is by pianist Randy Weston, written for his son Niles. I took the liberty of changing one letter.

Little Miles, every little boy in one — and so much fun
Little Miles, half a man and half a child and when he
Smiles, like all children everywhere he really living truth,
For truth is part of youth, and when you feel contentment
Surround you, you know he’s around you

Miles, 1 day old

Little Miles, warms your heart and cheers your day in every way
Little Miles he’s forever on the go and never slow
When you hold him close to you, you finally realize there’s heaven in his eyes
You can’t imagine your life without him you’re so wild about him

Miles at four

There are days when his mischievous ways
Make you shout and wear your patience out
Still, you know you’ll stand his every whim
Just because you see yourself in him

Little Miles walkin ’round and actin’ tall altho’ he’s small
Little Miles helpless in his childhood woes and infant trials
When the play of day is done you gladly hold him tight to warm him through the night
And silently you wish time would slow up so he’d never grow up
Little Miles

Miles's tenth birthday

Happy Birthday, son.

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  1. daphne says:

    Sweet, just like you guys. Just like he is.
    Happy Birthday to you all.

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