A Look Into the Future

Miles has made his first attempt at predicting the future. The Venn diagram seen here is from his math homework, in which he was asked to compare this year with what might be possible in the year 2157. Why that year? I think he liked the number.

According to Miles, in 2010:

We have to go to school.

We read books.

The teachers are humans.

And in 2157:

They read a TV screen.

The teachers are robots.

Work is written out in punch codes.

What’s the same?

There are teachers.

There are kids.

I think his “written out in punch codes” idea was the result of my explaining computer punch cards to him a few weeks ago. I also sense a certain resignation in his realization that as long as there are kids, there will be teachers. Miles considers every day of school a criminal injustice, so I can take some comfort in the knowledge that he will not live long enough to welcome his new robot teacher overlords.

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