St. John (a slight return)

“Of course you and She Who Must Be Obeyed enjoyed the dinner at St. John, but what about He Who May not Be Ignored?” I hear you ask. “What did a ten-year-old boy think of such a sophisticated meal?”

Fortunately, the stark dining room worked in our favor. Miles was relaxed and comfortable, and he even got up a few times to walk around in the downstairs bar/bakery area.

The food wasn’t completely foreign to him, especially the crispy pig skin, since he had dined on the previously alluded to Best Pig Ever with us. He was the only child in the dining room, which didn’t escape the notice of some of the other diners. As were were leaving, a gentleman at the table next to us asked us “Did your son enjoy the meal?”

“You can ask him yourself,” I replied.

“Did you like the food?” he asked Miles.

Miles gave two thumbs up: “It was awesome!”

“What did you like the most?”

“The crunchy pig skin and the bone marrow on toast!”

As we left I told Diane “That’s the basis for an argument at that fellow’s home. Sometime soon at his dinner table he’ll be scolding one of his children: ‘I watched a ten-year-old American boy eat pig skin and bone marrow, and you won’t even eat your peas!'”

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