The Power of Pancakes

Yet another of my friends has managed to make a blog into a book. Michael Goudeau, author of The Pancake Project, has finally turned what started as a way to make entertaining breakfasts for his kids into a how-to book, Extreme Pancakes. Now you can learn how to make the creations he documented by following the simple step-by-step methods outlined in the recipes. In addition to the book you get a “battery delivery system” (plastic squeeze bottle) and a reference card with a backwards letter template, the master batter recipe, and a temperature & color chart.

Michael starts you off easy with pancakes based on simple circles before moving on to shaded creations based on incremental cooking times. Master that technique, and this edible Munch can hit your plate every morning:

If you’re a sophisticated cook you probably have a large collection of squeeze bottles. Fill up each one with a different colored batter and whip up this “taco platter.”

The recipes and techniques may require a bit more work than busting out a Batter Blaster, but isn’t all great art worth the extra effort?

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