A Better Breakfast Faster?

When She Who Must Be Obeyed stumbled downstairs yesterday morning, she was greeted by He Who Will Not  Be Ignored:


He remembered the Batter Blaster can in the fridge, which I had purchased a few weeks earlier. Time to make the pancakes.

Because batter is so much thicker than cream, when the stuff is sprayed out of the can, it doesn’t so much gush as ooze:


Other than the novel dispensing method, it cooked just as you would expect a pancake to cook: Wait for bubbles to form on top before flipping it over.

Time to flip

The finished result is at the top of this post.

How did they taste? They were a bit sweeter than I prefer, but otherwise tasted like any pancake made from a mix. They were definitely chewier, probably from the gluten that formed during the extrusion out of the can.

I don’t know that we’d ever make Batter Blaster pancakes again, but there is definitely one application where the can is superior to homemade: writing.

Batter Blasted Belm

Spell out your child’s name for a birthday breakfast and you’ll be the coolest parent ever.

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2 Responses to A Better Breakfast Faster?

  1. I’d forgotten until just now that I had been waiting eagerly to hear about the pancakes from a can.

    • David says:

      “Pancakes from a can” just about says it all. Great for writing with batter, not so great for eating. (At least for adults, kids will think they’re awsome.)

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