A Better (Batter?) Mousetrap

The recent death of volume-challenged huckster Billy Mays has directed attention to the show Pitchmen, which follows the TV gadget process from home invention to in-your-face late-night advertisement. The inventors really believe in their creations. They have to, since they’ve usually given up a day job to pursue a dream that began with the phrase “Baby, we’re gonna be rich.”

But don’t think that those “Oh, honey, look!” moments only apply to cleaning supplies, tools, and kitchen gadgets — they can be found in the food world as well, as illustrated by the photo above.

Miles noticed Batter Blaster during our last shopping run. (It was shelved at a kid’s eye level, a cunning marketing strategy.) Upon closer examination, it really is pancake/waffle batter in a spray can. And it appears to live up to its organic labeling and certification: the only ingredient listed that wouldn’t appear in a standard pancake recipe is “propellant.” (I am informed that it is available at Whole Foods, guardians of quality organic edibles.)

I wish I had seen the “honey, look!” moment for Batter Blaster. How did its inventor rig up the spray cans? I envision a garage or basement workshop with walls covered with exploded floury goo.

I also wonder how many cans they sell beyond a first impulse/curiosity purchase? The photo alone was enough for She Who Must Be Obeyed to request a can the next time I’m shopping. I’l post a report after we cook our aerosol pancakes.

And be sure to hit the Batter Blaster web site. It’s worth the visit just to hear their jingle.

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  1. Kurt says:

    There are so many bad pr0n jokes here… I’ll just let them die their lonely little deaths.

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