The Pancake Project

It’s not enough that my friend Michael Goudeau is a juggler, writer, and radio host. He had to up the ante in the kitchen by making cool pancakes for his kids. His new blog, The Pancake Project, documents his breakfast creations. No Batter Blaster for him, all of his work is free-form, done with nothing more than timing and a spoon. “The Scream,” above, is a single pancake with nothing drawn on it.

Check out this pancake breakfast:


I am in awe. I just hope He Who Will Not Be Ignored never sees these photos, or I’m doomed. But that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying Michael’s journey into pancake madness.

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6 Responses to The Pancake Project

  1. Terra says:

    That is indeed awesome. Somebody in our household, I’m not saying who, is still working on getting his pancakes to come out flat.

  2. Rasch says:

    That is amazing. Imagine what he COULD do with Batter Blaster…

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