Memorial Meat

Last weekend’s meat CSA share seemed specifically designed for grilling on Memorial Day weekend. Instead of a whole chicken I got a bone-in whole breast and some leg quarters, for beef there was a sirloin steak and two six-ounce burgers, and the pork contribution was two thick chops and a ham steak.

However tempting it would be to grill everything, I have other cooking plans. On Sunday I’ll be tending a few racks of ribs on the smoker (serious work, requiring serious beverages), and the rest of the weekend will be devoted to various cooking experiments, which, if successful, may get reported here.

Have a great long weekend, and try to avoid any major grilling disasters. Remember, lighter fluid, alcohol, and bad judgement are the three legs of the emergency room triangle.

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2 Responses to Memorial Meat

  1. Swain says:

    Lighter fluid is evil!!!! Not only can you burn your eye brows off but it makes everything taste like lighter fluid. Best bet is to use lump charcoal only with a chimney starter or wax starter cubes. Lump is just chard wood and produces a nice smokey flavor.

    • David says:

      Agreed. I light 10 briquettes with a wax starter, then add them to a wire basket filled with lump charcoal. I get about four hours out of a basket. And cherry logs for smoke.

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