I had to reschedule my monthly meat CSA pickup to today because I’l be away on my usual day. I journeyed to the wilds of Brookline to retrieve ground beef, a five-pound chicken, four lamb rib chops, two pork chops, some pork cutlets, and a package of bacon.

But this post isn’t about what I picked up, but what I didn’t take from the freebie bin, which was full of leaf lard and pig’s feet. That’s right, I turned down lard and pig’s feet because my freezer is too full. It’s a good thing the weather’s cooling down a bit, because it’s time for me to do some serious cooking.

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2 Responses to Meatalicious

  1. Ryan says:

    I’ve just started clearing out some of the frozen goodies I’ve had stored away for eons. It’s a tough job, but I have to do it.

    Mostly because my wife is too short to get the stuff in the back. 😉

    • David says:

      I’m overdue for a freezer inventory. When we were shopping for the freezer chest, I made She Who Must Be Obeyed climb into it, just to weird out the salesperson.

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