Market Abundance

This was one of the market days when I buy more fruit and baked goods than vegetables. It’s midsummer in New England, which means it’s corn and tomato season, so I bought corn and tomatoes, along with a few cucumbers, a bunch of scallions, and baby potatoes. The potatoes and scallions have already been made into potato salad, the corn gets cooked for dinner tonight, and the tomatoes and cucumbers will become a salad in a few days.

I also bought white peaches, raspberries, fresh mozzarella, rolls, focaccia buns, and shiro plums, enough to make both plum ice cream and plum-raspberry sorbet.

Today wad also a pickup day for the meat CSA share, which was an odd selection: pork ribs, a whole chicken breast, chicken leg quarters, beef cubes for kebabs, sweet italian sausage, a pork steak (which appears to be an uncured slice from the shoulder), and a few bags of pork neck bones from the freebie box, which will become the next batch of ramen broth.

I’m trying to maintain a zero-sum game in the Belm Utility Research Kitchen Deep Storage Facility, taking out at least as many ingredients as go in each month. I’m slightly ahead now, and hope to stay that way as long as I’m clever about planning meals.

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