Monthy Meat-Up

Another month, another meat score. The people at Stillman’s have spoiled me for any other chickens. Now, when I “settle” for a Bell & Evans bird, it still tastes bland compared to the free-range version.

The rest of the delivery was hot Italian sausage, a pork loin roast, and pork cutlets. I supplemented those with a two-pound sirloin steak (last night’s dinner, pan-seared and served with a Worcestershire butter sauce), smoked pork chops, and two pork bellies (soon to become bacon). And they’re still giving away pork kidney fat, which will get rendered for future use.

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2 Responses to Monthy Meat-Up

  1. Tina says:

    At the Union Square farmer’s market, a Stillman chicken is a $20 enterprise, while Bell and Evans or Springer Mountain on sale is at least 50% less – obviously this is totally discretionary and there is value in supporting the family farm, but if you will, give me your relative sense of flavor “pay-back”.

    • David says:

      According to the Meat CSA page at the Stillman’s site, I’m paying $8 per pound for the chicken, or $32 for a four-pounder. That makes the $20 chicken a relative bargain.

      Cost-benefit aside, there is a clear difference in the taste and texture of the Stillman’s chicken. The only was I ever prepare it is a simple roast in the oven, so it’s not like I’m choosing recipes that enhance the flavor with supplemental ingredients.

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