Market Futures

Another shopping day at the Union Square Farmer’s Market. It was sunny today, so all the food tourists were out. I kept tripping over leashes — shouldn’t dogs be kept away from the food?

Fortunately the lack of canine etiquette was a mere distraction from the greater variety available this week. Here’s what I scored:

Farmer's Market 6-13-09

Caraway rye, rainbow chard, napa cabbage, fresh mozzarella, coffee cake, sugar snap peas, smoked pork chops, strawberries, asparagus, baby carrots, raspberry jam, and scallions.

I’ll pan-sear the pork chops and serve them with the sugar snap peas and chard sauteed with ginger, garlic, and scallions. The asparagis will wind up in another salad. The strawberries are for tomorrow’s berry gratin dessert, the carrots and napa will probably become an Asian slaw, the coffee cake and jam are for breakfasts, the rye is for sandwiches, and the mozzarella is today’s snack — it won’t even make it into the fridge.

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