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Triumph of the BelmSled

Di and I donated tickets to the Boston Museum of Science to Miles’s fourth grade class. His teacher, Ms. Mullen, asked if we would would like to attend, knowing our mutual interests in science would help her in answering questions … Continue reading

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Introducing the Hackintosh Netbook

Last September Dell released the Inspiron Mini 9 netbook. Not long after, a few enterprising hackers figured out a way to install Mac OS X on the machine. I had been looking for a netbook to carry while traveling, so … Continue reading

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They Do The Mash

In his story “Burning Chrome,” William Gibson wrote the now-famous aphorism “The street find its own uses for things.” That observation has always been at its most appropriate in music remix culture. DJs discovered an alternate use for the turntable … Continue reading

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RSS Feed Added

By request, I’ve added a RSS feed. The link is over there, on the right, below the search box. Now you can ignore me on your iPhone as well as your computer.

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What’s for Dinner?

With a few exceptions, most of my cooking effort is channeled into preparing dinners. Weekends are reserved for more time-consuming recipes, while weekdays are for quicker or simpler fare. When possible, I try to cook enough to get two meals … Continue reading

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… and Through the Wire

I’m posting this via my iPhone. Will wonders never cease? I’m also testing the “add photo” feature.

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Me vs. Google

My memory, sir, is like a garbage heap. — Jorge Luis Borges, “Funes el memorioso” “David, I’m in the car with two friends and we’re trying to settle a bet. Who wrote ‘Leaving on a Jet Plane’?”1 “‘The fog comes … Continue reading

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