What’s for Dinner?

With a few exceptions, most of my cooking effort is channeled into preparing dinners. Weekends are reserved for more time-consuming recipes, while weekdays are for quicker or simpler fare. When possible, I try to cook enough to get two meals out of one cooking session – the gumbo will show up at the table again this week, as will the last of the pasta and sauce.

I noticed that four of the recipes I’ve posted in the brief five weeks this blog has been in existence have consisted of “something in a bowl with scallions and/or rice.” There’s also been a skew toward Asian recipes. The trend is partly seasonal (heartier fare in the winter), partly a result of what I’m currently interested in cooking or learning about, and partly a concession to He Who Must Not Be Ignored – my picky 9-year-old resident food critic.

I want a better idea of what my weekly meal planning looks like over the course of a year. Am I leaning too heavily on a sure-fire repertoire? What are the seasonal cycles?

I realized I could answer these questions and learn a new web technique at the same time. I created a Twitter account for reporting what I cooked for dinner, and added a sidebar “What’s for dinner?” widget to track the ten most recent entries. I’ll wind up with a log of the year’s meals, and you’ll see a slowly changing snapshot of my unglamorous kitchen activity.

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