Market Meltdown

I don’t go through winter vegetables as quickly as I do summer fare, so I can usually wait out bad weekend weather before braving the winter farmer’s market. It also helps when the huge piles of snow in the parking lot (I don’t have the luxury of walking two blocks at this time of year) finally disappear, because few things are meaner than Somerville yuppies in their BMW SUVs fighting for parking spaces.

I found baseball-sized watermelon radishes ( I seemed to be the only customer in the entire market who knew what they were), chiogga beets, some Cortland apples, a large daikon, parsley, and more rainbow chard.

I satisfied our need for meat and carbs with smoked pork chops and more breakfast sausage patties at Stillman’s, more cranberry granola from Cook’s Orchard, Vermont cheddar bread, a half dozen Island Creek oysters, and OMG fresh cider doughnuts which disappeared as soon as this photo was taken. The oysters were the first course for last night’s dinner, the bread and sausage were this morning’s breakfast, and the rest of the haul will disappear by the end of the week.

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