Amines to an End

Summer is officially over, but the market stands haven’t noticed, as evidenced by the abundance of corn and tomatoes still available. I bought neither, out of concern for He Who Will Not Be Ignored’s orthodontia for the former, and bacause She Who Must Be Obeyed brought home a basket of the latter from a co-worker.

I did buy more granola, a bunch of assorted radishes (red, white, and purple), fingerling potatoes, cortland apples, orange cauliflower, a tiny head of romanesco broccoli (my favorite fractal garnish), a loaf of ciabatta, and a chunk of fresh mozzarella, which has already been consumed as lunch with the bread and aforementioned tomatoes.

I ran into Tse Wei from Journeyman, who was buying vegetables for this evening’s menu. It’s pretty cool to be able to walk twenty feet from your kitchen and buy things that you need that were still in the ground the same morning. You can’t get any more local than that.

Today was also delivery day for the meat CSA, where I received a chuck steak, two thick-cut pork chops, bacon, two lamb shanks, and a whole chicken. I also placed my order for a fresh turkey to be picked up a few days before Thanksgiving.

Since I was in the neighborhood, I stopped by Central Bottle to see if my esteemed culinary consultant was working today. She was, and suggested I try one of the boxed Italian wines, which she let me taste. For me that store is like an upscale crack den, so I left with the wine, a bottle of cider made from heritage apples, a bar of Mast Brothers fleur de sel chocolate, and a chunk of parmigiano reggiano for snacking. If you see me sprawled on the floor of my kitchen, I’m in the throes of a phenylethylamine overdose.

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2 Responses to Amines to an End

  1. Andrea says:

    Overdoing on wine, cheese and chocolate. And that’s a bad thing?

  2. Diane, She Who Must Be Obeyed says:

    Andrea – that was my thought as well. Why are you making it sound so bad?Things look so much better from down here!

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