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August 14, 2010

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Now that the weather is cooler it’s safer for babies and pets, so today’s market run was mostly me negotiating an obstacle course of strollers and leashes. Dog owners act mystified when you get angry about being clotheslined by a ten-foot leash in a bustling market, because the alternative — courtesy — is beyond their self-absorbed world model.

I bought flowers for She Who Must Be Obeyed in order to distract her from any residual shopping rage I’d return home with. I also bought pickling cucumbers and the world’s largest bunch of dill for the next attempt at refrigerator pickles, orange cauliflower, green beans, and shallots.

Marge the Pie Lady had peach/raspberry pie which I couldn’t pass up, I bought more white and yellow peaches, raspberries, fresh mozzarella, ciabatta rolls, and spicy lamb sausage. And a watermelon smaller than my head, which means it’s safe to eat.

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