Market Holiday

I‘m still working through last week’s market haul, so today was more of a reconnoitering instead of a purchasing trip. Still, I couldn’t pass up the first yellow beans, fava beans,  and red onions of the season, as well as some flowers for She Who Must Be Obeyed and a triple berry pie  for our diner hosts tomorrow.

Every weekend the people who organize the Union Square Farmer’s Market book musical entertainment. I’ve learned to tune out the usual overly earnest folkies with guitars and dreadlocked white-boy hipsters with djembes and digital delays, but today’s entertainment knew how to grab me. It’s not often you hear a four-piece (bass, violin, trombone, clarinet) klezmer band play a cover of “Eye of the Tiger,” but they did, and did it well. They’re called Ezekiel’s Wheels, and if you live in the area, be sure to check them out.

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