The Perfect Couple

This weekend I’m taking She Who Must Be Obeyed to New York for a dinner to celebrate a major birthday (her 39th, to be precise, at least that’s what I have been told to say under threat of a savage mauling with a Garden Weasel). I’ll report on the meal next week, but I thought I’d share this photo (courtesy of genius comedian Paul Provenza) that provides an alternate explanation of how we met.

I’m intrigued by the idea that there was a British Lard Marketing Board intent on promoting their product to young hipsters – add an “o” to the end of that last phrase and it would describe today’s young hipsters. And maybe that was the failing of this ad campaign: they were promoting British food before it became edible and hip, when they could have been promoting a domestic version of delicious, delicious salt-cured fat.

I suspect the ad ultimately failed due to a series of design mis-steps: look at the teeth, look at the small drink portions. That couple is about as British as my great-aunt Olympia. But that’s not to say promoting lard is a bad idea, it’s just that we have so any better ways to do it now. Pork rilletes, anyone?

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