The Triple-Threat Pork Sandwich

Once He Who Will Not Be Ignored gets an idea in his head, it’s difficult to dissuade him. We talk him out of his most extreme notions (“I’m smart enough already, so I don’t need to go to school anymore!” “We should have a dog and a cat and a guinea pig and a parakeet.”), so it’s a relief to agree with one of his lesser whims.

One such whim was for a sandwich he saw on Man vs. Food: the Triple Threat Pork sandwich served at Slow’s Bar B Q in Detroit. “Dad! You have to make this awesome sandwich! It has ham and pulled pork and bacon!” As luck would have it, I had pulled pork left over from the Great Ramen Project, a huge slab of ham from Easter dinner, and bacon in the fridge. Time to make a sandwich.

I tossed the ham slices and bacon on the griddle.

Once they were crisp, I heated up the pulled pork, cooking it until it got crispy at the edges. I toasted some poppy-seed kaiser rolls on the fat-saturated griddle (why bother with butter?), and commenced with the assemblage. The bacon went down first:

Then the pulled pork:

And, finally, the ham:

Top with a slathering of barbecue sauce, and eat.

How did it taste? Crispy bacon, soft pulled pork, chewy smoky ham, and sweet barbecue sauce — it hit all the right notes, not unlike a sandwich made from a Bacon Explosion.

He Who Will Not Be Ignored inhaled the sandwich, then declared “Almost perfect. Next time, use more bacon.” Everyone’s a critic.

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