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Being Fergus Henderson

I‘ve written before about chef Fergus Henderson, who has become one of my culinary inspirations. I learned a while ago that the onset and progression of his Parkinson’s disease required him to stop cooking in his own restaurant, taking on … Continue reading

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More Mellodrama

I received a few replies following the Melodrama post, in which you attempted to guess all 24 of the songs used in this clip, “Mash-Mello”: [podcast][/podcast] As promised, here is the list of clips, in Artist, Album, “Song” format: King … Continue reading

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Momofuku Pork Buns

My recent trip to H Mart was for more than informational and educational purposes. I was in search of a key ingredient: frozen Chinese mantou buns, which I had been unable to find at any of my local markets. I … Continue reading

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The flutes that open “Strawberry Fields Forever” and “Stairway to Heaven,” the strings in”Nights in White Satin” — these are sounds you know by heart. What you may not know is that they were played on a keyboard instrument called … Continue reading

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Irresponsible and Dishonest

Almost exactly a year ago, I wrote about Andrew Wakefield’s falsification of data linking vaccines and autism, calling his behavior “irresponsible and criminal.” Last week the General Medical Council, the British medical licensing body, arrived at the same conclusion: In … Continue reading

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Weekend Provisioning

Saturday was devoted to restocking the Belm Utility Research Kitchen and Deep Storage Facility. First stop was the monthly pickup for the meat CSA, which entailed my standing at the end of a very long line in the sub-zero cold, … Continue reading

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