Market Selection

Natural selection is in full force at the market this week, having winnowed out any vendors that don’t sell root vegetables, baked goods, or meat. As usual, I needed all of those things, so I did my part to provide more evolutionary pressure.

The mixed cherry tomatoes are from the greenhouse instead of the field, but I’ll buy local tomatoes until they disappear. I grabbed another ham steak (mmm… ham), some leeks, purple cauliflower, apples (Roxbury Russets, to be discussed in a post next week), herbed chevre, and watermelon radishes.

I had been keeping an eye out for this radish variety since I saw Mario Batali using them on an episode of Iron Chef America. As you can see, they look like watermelons:


They also have a sweetness I don’t usually associate with radishes. The slices were crisp and delicious, a sprinkling of salt accented the sweet and peppery flavors. (And how about that composed food shot, eh?)

And, of course, the baked goods:Fresh eggs, brioche loaf, a pumpkin pie, a bar of the Taza Special Edition Chiapan chocolate, and “oreos” from the Hi-Rise bakery.


One more week to go, then painful withdrawal symptoms.

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