Meat Market

Everyone seem to understand that the tomatoes will be gone soon, so they’re overcompensating by buying huge quantities of the remaining heirloom crop. Fortunately, not many of the folks at the market realized that peaches are on the wane, so what I lost in vegetables this weekend I made up with fruit.

This week’s haul was apple cider, banana-walnut bread, granola (now I’m hooked), pluots, honeycrisp apples, mixed baby potatoes, tomatoes, peaches, red and yellow bell peppers, and cucumbers.

Today was also delivery day for my meat CSA, so off to Cambridge for the pickup:

Meat CSA

This month’s share was a whole chicken, pork chops, beef short ribs, and a smoked kielbasa. I also found orange cauliflower, thumbelina carrots, and a lemon curd cake.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with he kielbasa, maybe I’ll incorporate it into a cassoulet. I’ll cook the cauliflower with some bacon and mushrooms, and the lemon cake will go along with some fruit.

(Did you know the spell check on “cassoulet” suggests “cassowary”? I’ve eaten ostrich and emu before, but never cassowary, rhea, kiwi, tinamou, or any of the other ratites.)

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4 Responses to Meat Market

  1. Lisa Harvey-Mone says:

    What are pluots? (yes, I could google it, but your descriptions of food are SO good!!!)

    • David says:

      Pluots are hybrid plum/apricots. What I bought at the market was a red variety; what I usually find at Food Hole is a greenish-brown variety called Dinosaur Eggs.

  2. Bryan says:

    I ended up getting some of the pluots and the honeycrisp apples you recommended; they were pretty good. I usually go for macs or empire when I know I can get them soon after they’re picked, but I already had some at home.

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