Market Trends

Summer is halfway over, even though the weather has just caught up. At the market that means more variety, so much that I need two photos to show everything I bought today.

Above, there’s brioche and ciabatta loaves, sweet cherries, raspberries, sour cream coffee cake, triple berry (raspberry, blueberry, blackberry) pie, and chocolate-covered almonds from Taza.

Below, there’s fava beans, red, white & blue fingerling potatoes, yellow and purple beans, leeks, carrots, full-sized heirloom tomatoes (finally!), cucumbers and dill, which have already been converted to pickles.

Farmer's market 2, 7-18-09

I also bought some fresh mozzarella to slice and eat with the sliced tomatoes, which is how we’ll eat them for the rest of the season.

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