Another Reason to Hate the Food Network

Sandra Lee and her show Semi-Homemade is the embodiment of everything that has gone wrong with the Food Network. And here, for your viewing pleasure, is a two-minute summary that supports my claim:

Could someone tell her it’s not pronounced “expresso”?

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6 Responses to Another Reason to Hate the Food Network

  1. Oh, so mean.

    I bet she can follow a recipe from Cooks Illustrated though. Right? Am I right? I bet it would be delicious.

    • David says:

      You are a cruel, cruel man.

      At least I have a hobby that allows me to fail with trivial consequences.

    • David says:

      And now that I think of it, no, she couldn’t follow a Cook’s Illustrated recipe, because it would contain no prepackaged ingredients. She has meltdowns when she has to cut mushrooms, imagine the brain-lock butterflying a pork loin would induce.

  2. Bryan says:

    Now, what I want you to do, is, Kwanzaa cake.

    Sandra Lee is eeevil, a scourge upon the earth. It’s amazing how long she’s managed to stay on the air considering the kind of vitriolic hatred she inspires; the Food Network had to take down the viewer forum for her show on their web site because it was mainly used by people bashing her. On the forum Television Without Pity, there’s a large sub-forum dedicated to her show; people watch the show just to make fun of it, to see what horrors she would commit. I’ve done it. People will go into bookstores and move her books into the wrong section.

    Food Network hasn’t been about cooking, really, for years.

  3. Jamy says:

    Man, that’s a long way down from Molto Mario.

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