Dill Pickles (Slight Return)

“Pickles,” declared the t-shirt I saw last weekend, “are cucumbers soaked in evil.” Given my recent string of kitchen failures, I expected nothing less when I opened the jar of dill pickles I put up almost two weeks ago.

When I tried a few at lunch today, they were perfect: cold, salty, crunchy, slightly sour, and still tasting of fresh cucumber. I could taste the garlic and dill, but felt the red pepper flakes came close to overwhelming the balance of flavors.

These will disappear quickly, so I’ll get another batch of cukes at tomorrow’s farmer’s market and refine the recipe further. Will I soak them in more evil? Oh yes: delicious, delicious evil.

P.S. I will eventually tire of the Electric Ladyland reference used in all of my follow-up posts to date, but not yet.

I didn’t mean to take up all your sweet time
I’ll give it right back to you one of these days

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4 Responses to Dill Pickles (Slight Return)

  1. Karl R. Wurst says:

    Ok, now that we have your report, I try to make them myself. I’ll have to wait until Monday for the next farmer’s market, though.

  2. Karl R. Wurst says:

    Right! I don’t think I have any of the kind you used. I’ll check the basement, but I think that all I have are canning jars. Maybe I’ll stop off in the Framingham/Natick shopolis on the way to or from the Rcon meeting today…

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