Fourth Annual Birthday Dinner: The Menu

As promised — although a day late — here’s the menu for the birthday dinner I cooked on Saturday. All dishes are from The French Laundry Cookbook. In order of service:

Gruyère Cheese Gougères

Gruyere cheese gougeres

That’s French for cheese puffs, y’all.

Salmon “Chops” with Celery and Black Truffles

Salmon "chop" with celery and black truffles

A recipe chosen in part to make use of my recently-purchased Perigord truffles.

Roulade of Pekin Duck Breast with Creamed Sweet White Corn and Morel Mushroom Sauce

Duck breast roulade with creamed corn and morel mushroom sauce

A change of pace this year; I usually go with red meat.

Chocolate Cake with Red Beet Ice Cream and Toasted Walnut Sauce

Chocolate cake with red beet ice cream

I had to serve chocolate. I didn’t have to serve beets. But it worked.

So that’s the menu. Dish-by-dish- breakdowns to follow.

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