I’ve had truffles with a a few meals, usually added as an extra garnish. The last time I ate them I paid an extra $10 to have white Italian Alba truffles shaved on top of an appetizer. What was the appetizer? I can no longer remember,  but it had truffles on it.

When I saw this post on Serious Eats, I took me all of a minute to decide that buying fresh, French, black, winter Perigord truffles for $99 was good deal. It’s a good thing I acted quickly, because the truffles were soon gone, to the chagrin of friends I sent the link to.

Yesterday I received a a chilled styrofoam shipping box with this smaller box tucked inside:

A box of truffles

I had a moment in which I was sure they sent me chocolate truffles; that’s what the box looked like. But then I noticed the smell, that concentrated, earthy, fungal aroma I remembered from my meals. These were the real thing:

The diamonds of the Perigord

I wrapped each truffle in plastic wrap, then in aluminun foil, loaded them all into a vacuum-seal bag, and put them in the freezer, where they will remain in suspended animation until I need them.

What wil I cook with them? I have no idea yet. Probably something for Diane’s upcoming birthday dinner.

But until then I have truffles. From Costco. How cool is that?

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