Waffling About

I was shamed into doing the cooking for this meal after being gently reminded by a London reader that I had promised to make this recipe more than a year ago.

This time around I used challah instead of white bread, but the rest of the assembly was the same: Cook’s Illustrated French toast batter and microplane-shredded prosciutto.

I soaked the bread in the batter, set slices in the waffle maker, and sprinkled the prosciutto over the top before closing the lid. The ham had aggregated into clumps, which made it difficult to distribute evenly.

The prosciutto cooked into a crispy outer crust, not unlike bacon. Which is what I served with the waffles because, well, bacon.

The waffles were superior to the toast version, probably due to the extra caramelization produced by the higher heat of the waffle iron. I’d like a better distribution of prosciutto across the surface, which has me thinking I’ll have to mix the shredded meat with some maltodextrin to make prosciutto powder. I can dip battered bread directly int the powder, which will not only give me more even coverage, but will have the added benefit of making the exterior even crispier.

So I guess I’l be making these waffles again. With any luck it won’t take me a year to get around to it.

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