Cut and Dried (Charcutepalooza Slight Return)

When we last visited the Cabinet of Doctor Charcuterie, I still had bresaola and lonzino curing in it that were not quite ready to eat. By Saturday, ten days later, however, they had both lost 35 percent of their weight and had become firm to the touch. I couldn’t wait any longer, so I released them from their cold, humid prison in preparation for eating.

The lonzino is on top, the bresaola below. Both are covered with the same white mold that I introduced with the salami that had been curing at the same time. I made slices at the end of each to see how well they had cured over the course of a month.

Both were significantly darker in color, but the bresaola showed a gradient from a much darker outer portion to the lighter interior. The lonzino had the same color throughout, due to it being wrapped in a beef casing, which regulated the moisture loss.

I shaved of slices of both on my deli slicer.

The bresaola tasted as I expected: beefy, but not intensely so, with just a hint of the curing spices. The lonzino, on the other hand, was a surprise. As one of the tasters noted: “it has a funk to it.” It took me a while to place the taste, but it has a pronounced ham flavor, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all, it is cured pork.

I’m glad they both turned out well and that there’s plenty to go around. I plan on slicing up a batch or two and bringing it home for my holiday visit. There are a couple of Italian relatives who have to pass judgement before I declare the project a complete success.

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2 Responses to Cut and Dried (Charcutepalooza Slight Return)

  1. SWAIN says:

    Most excellent…….

    My goal next year is to get my system up and going…….


    • David says:

      Don’t wait too long. It’s easier to make god cured meats when it’s a bit colder, although “colder” in LA is a subjective measurement.

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