The 100% Homemade BLT

Back in March, following my successful bacon-making adventure, I made a “mostly-homemade” BLT, having to resort to store-bought lettuce and tomatoes, because, well, March in New England. With tomato season rapidly drawing to a close, I had to try again with everything self-sourced.

I assembled my ingredients: thick-sliced bacon from the Deep Storage Facility, a loaf of low-knead bread (variation #3, post to follow), mayonnaise, a tomato (subcontracted out to friends in Watertown who had fenced-in yard space), and freshly-picked romaine lettuce.

Where did I grow the lettuce? In the Belm Utility Research Kitchen Hydroponic Facility:

A quick fry-up of the bacon preceded the bread toasting. You know what frying bacon looks like, but this is as close as this blog will ever get to gratuitous nudity:

Slice and toast the bread, slather with mayo, then layer the bacon, lettuce, and tomato slices, a bit of pepper, et voila! homemade BLTs.

My first version was pretty damned tasty, but this version was far superior, due to the sweetness of the tomato and lettuce that tasted like something other than supermarket cellulose.

I’m owed a few more tomatoes, so I think we’ll be having BLTs for dinner again before our winter hibernation begins.

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