Market Meltdown

It’s hot out there. It’s been hot for weeks, so hot that I don’t feel like cooking for fear of turning the kitchen into a blast furnace. So I went to the market with an eye toward what I can cook just on the stove. I found Italian broad beans, green peppers, cherry tomatoes, raspberries, apples (first of the season), radicchio, Yukon Gold potatoes, and purple carrots. (Carrots are available in many different colors, but the variety we’re used to was first bred in Holland to honor the royal House of Orange.)

I also bought more chocolate banana bread, some fresh mozzarella, miniature focaccia buns, and some cured meat from Capone’s Market: serrano ham, prosciutto cotto, and bresaola. The bread, cheese, and prosciutto are already gone, converted into a perfect lunch. Let’s hope it cools down soon, I’m feeling carnivorous.

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