Flushed, Scrod

Excerpted from How to Get Around MIT (HoToGAMIT), a student guidebook issued to all incoming MIT freshmen:

flushed – (1) pp. Turned down or out. Disappointed in some endeavor, usually involved with selling oneself. Examples: “I got flushed at the mixer,” “I just got flushed by [fill in fraternity name here]” (2) v. To get a reddish hue on one’s face from heat, exertion, or embarrassment. Example: “I got flushed at the mixer.” (3) pp. Disposed of. When said of a person, this connotes dismissal or expulsion. Example: “I got flushed at the mixer.”

scrod – (1) n. A baby codfish. Example: “I got scrod by the Dining Service.” (2) v. Past tense of screw. Example: “I got scrod by the Dining Service.”

Let’s use our new words in a sentence:

“After being scrod by Boston Casting, I got flushed by MasterChef.”

What? And quit show biz?

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2 Responses to Flushed, Scrod

  1. Terra says:

    Ah, jeez. I’m just getting over being sick so I’m doing some catching up, and I’m sorry to be reading about this, finally. Still, Fox is beneath you. Seriously.

    And your description/photos of your boeuf bourgignon made this recovering-from-gastroenteritis almost-vegetarian hungry for the first time in a week.

    • David says:

      Sorry to hear about your own experience with being flushed. The two experiences are not dissimilar, but I didn’t drop five pounds.

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