I Failed My Saving Throw Against My Own Geekiness

Hey, Dave, we have an extra spot in our campaign tonight. Why don’t you roll up a character and join us?”

“Sorry, I’m going out with my girlfriend.”

“Oh, yeah. Forgot about her. I gotta get me one of them someday.”

And that conversation, repeated over four years, is why I never played Dungeons and Dragons in college. It wasn’t until three years later that I played my first campaign, a homebrewed adventure written by one of my housemates. He felt it was essential that I have some D&D experience if I was going to continue writing interactive live roleplaying games (another story for another time).

Despite my mercifully brief brush with one of the oldest time-sucks, I must have been incubating a low-level infection for more than 25 years. What other cause could explain my inability to resist this offering from Jones Soda?


I ordered a 12-pack of Spellcasting Soda, which arrived today. Despite the clever names – which would probably mean a lot more to me if I had a copy of the Dungeonmaster’s Guide or Monster Manual – the contents are just some of the straight-up flavors Jones is known for:

  • Dwarven Draught – Root Beer
  • Potion of Healing – Black Cherry
  • Sneak Attack – Cream
  • Eldritch Blast – Green Apple
  • Illithid Brain Juice – Grape
  • Bigby’s Crushing Thirst Destroyer – Cola

I need to figure out which one to drink to give me the courage to order this year’s Holiday Pack. Turkey Gravy or Candy Corn soda, anyone?


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4 Responses to I Failed My Saving Throw Against My Own Geekiness

  1. I ordered the same pack for Rudy’s D&D elective class. (He’s running it, so it seems like it’s cool to show up with some swill.)

  2. Sorcyress says:


    Want, want, want, want! Yay geekery!


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