Market Revival

I skipped the market last week: It was raining, and I wanted to force myself to use what was left in the fridge. So today, with plenty of fridge space and a keen knowledge of the imminent end of the tomato and corn season, I restocked the basics: corn , tomatoes (heirlooms and cherry), napa cabbage, french breakfast radishes, cucumbers, and yellow beans.


I also found an entire brioche loaf (already cut into thirds and stored on the freezer), mozzarella cheese, ham steak (mmmm, ham…), golden raspberries, giant blackberries, honeycrisp apples, cherry pie and granola. (I know, granola? But this stuff is made with maple syrup and dried cranberries.)

I’ll pretend it’s summer for another week, cooking mostly on the grill while it’s still warm enough to do so. Deep-fried turkey season is just around the corner.

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