Market Recovery

We returned from Montreal to an empty pantry and fridge; nothing yesterday’s trip to the market couldn’t fix. More new vegetables and fruits are arriving as the season progresses, so it was time to sample some new offerings.

Above we have tomatoes (plain ol’ red variety), cantaloupe, green beans, mixed fingerling potatoes, purple carrots, cipollini onions, snap peas, peaches, and the ever-present raspberries.

Farmer's Market 8-15-09

Some meat and baked goods as well: smoked pork chops for grillin’, a ham steak (part of this morning’s nutritious breakfast), lemon poppy seed cake (ditto), and a sourdough country loaf.

There will be an Asian stir-fry on this week’s menu in addition to the grilled chops. Maybe a potato salad, maybe a frittata – who knows? Heat and laziness will dictate this week’s choices.

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